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Q - What are the membership subscription rates?

The rates for membership of the RCTU are as below:

£6.00    –       Below £16,000

£8.00    –       £16,000 - £18,000

£9.00    –        £18,001 - £20,000

£10.00   –        £20,001 - £22,000

£11.00   –        £22,001 - £24,000

£12.00   –        £24,001 - £26,000

£12.80   –        Over £26,000

£6.00    –        Associate Membership

Q - How will I know whether my direct debit form has been accepted?

A - You will receive a confirmation email.

Q - When will my DD be taken from my bank

A - The 1st of every month.

Q - I am concerned about the entering of my personal banking details onto the RCTU website and the levels of security it provides?

A - The RCTU has upgraded its website security by acquiring an SSL Encryption Package to ensure member’s details are completely secure, however the data will not be retained on the RCTU website and will be electronically transferred to our BACS Bureau Provider.

Q - I am concerned about how secure my personal banking details will be with the RCTU BACS Bureau provider?

A - Our BACS Bureau Provider has high security systems in place which have regular `penetration testing` undertaken by the same external auditor as used by GCHQ which, whilst best practice issued by the FSA, is not mandatory.

Q - Does my direct debit subscription to RCTU automatically cancel my subscription to any other trade union?

A - No .

Q - I have completed a direct debit form for another organisation – does the RCTU DD override this?

A - No – you need to action any cancellation of an existing DD yourself.

Q - Why can I not set up a Standing Order to pay my monthly subscriptions to the RCTU directly from my bank?

A - Standing Orders (SO) rely upon the efficiency of the both the banking industry and the individual to ensure consistent payments. The costs of management of a SO process exceed the cost an equivalent DD process and both the banking industry and Auditors have strongly advise against SO in favour of a DD process.

Q -  When will the RCTU become a recognised Trade Union for collective bargaining in HMRC ?

A – We have been open and honest with the employer from the inception of the RCTU that our aim is to be recognised for collective bargaining. The employer has formally and publicly stated that they will consider such a step as and when the number of RCTU members is significant. That significant number will be viewed alongside the membership of other trade unions. Basically the more that join the RCTU and the quicker that happens - the quicker recognition can occur.

Q -  I want to join RCTU but I have a personal issue with the employer that is unresolved – will the RCTU represent me ?

A – We already represent members in personal cases as we are able to do so as a listed certified Trade Union. That said – the RCTU formally reserves the right to decide whether we will represent newly enrolled members with regard to an incident(s) that occurred prior to membership. The RCTU Executive will decide on a case by case basis and may request conditions are attached and agreed before any representation takes place for a historical issue.