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Membership Application

If you would rather download and complete the paper version of the application please click here

Notice: If you have an unresolved issue at the date you join the RCTU where you need representation, the RCTU reserves the right to review the issue before allocating a caseworker. This does not mean a case will be rejected only because the issue occurred before requesting membership. A case will not be reviewed unless a membership application has been submitted and accepted.

Personal details

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Address and Contact details

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Password for membership login

Password is required

Password must be at least 6 characters

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This unique password must be kept secure. This password will allow access to the Membership NEWS and FORUM and , in due course , to amend your personal data.


Staff number is required

Staff number must be a 7 digit number

Staff number must be a minimum of 7 digits

Staff number must be no greater than 7 digits

Office location is required

Grade is required

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If applicable

RCTU Membership conditions

I am applying for membership of the RCTU. I agree to join the RCTU and abide by the Rules of the RCTU. I agree to set up a Direct Debit which will taken on the 1st of each month and agree that this amount may be varied by the RCTU but only with at least one months notice.

Please note that the RCTU has appointed the BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau , Eazy Collect Services Ltd ( ) to collect your payments and RCTU will be shown on your Bank Statement.

You must confirm to proceed

Subscription rates

Please tick which you require

Subscriptions will start from the beginning of the next calendar month after the full completion of this formand will be taken from your account on the 1st of each month. Your continued membership of the RCTU requires that you update your membership record with any changes to your pay or your account details.


RCTU membership pays a death benefit of £2000.00 to your nominee.

If you wish to nominate a death benefit nominee please fill out the form below. Otherwise leave blank and press continue.

First name of nominee is required

Surname of nominee is required

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Address and Contact details

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Postcode is required

IMPORTANT: You are strongly advised to ensure these details are correct at all times.

Equality monitoring form

Strictly confidential. There is NO mandatory requirement for this section of the form to be completed to allow you to proceed with your RCTU membership. You are requested and encouraged to complete this section.


  • The data collected here may be used in an anonymous format by the respective RCTU advisory committees and RCTU officers and only where the data is applicable, and only for, equal opportunity monitoring purposes.
  • It may also, and only with your express permission, be used by the said committess/officers for confidential contact reasons and only without reference to anyone else for the purpose of furthering opportunity for all.
  • This information will be kept secure and in total compliance with all data protection legislation.
  • It may be amended, at any time, by you.

Ethnic origin

I would describe my ethnic origin as:



Sexual Orientation

Martial Status


Do you identfy as Trans?


Under the Equality Act 2010 the definition of the protected characterisitic of disability is: "a person has a disability if she/he has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on the person's ability to carry out normal day to day activities."


Direct debit setup

Direct Debit Logo

You have chosen to setup a Variable Direct Debit. Subject to your rights under The Direct Debit Guarantee, this will automatically debit payments due on your account from your bank or building society account.

Please note : The Account Holder Name must be in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and the account number must be eight digits long , the sort code must have no gaps between numbers and you must use check bank account details to progress.

The account holder name is invalid (must contain only: upper case letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9). If your name includes an apostrophe or any other special character please do not include this as it is not valid.

Checking this box indicates that I am the Bank/Building Society account holder and no authority other than my own is required.

You must confirm to proceed

You must confirm to proceed

Confirm Details

Personal details

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Surname: {{userForm.Surname.$viewValue}}

Address & contact details details

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Address Line Two: {{userForm.Address2}}

Address Line Three: {{userForm.Address3}}

City: {{userForm.City}}

County: {{userForm.County}}

Country: {{userForm.Country}}

Postcode: {{userForm.Postcode.$viewValue}}

Mobile: {{userForm.Mobile.$viewValue}}

Personal Email: {{userForm.PersonalEmail.$viewValue}}

Work Email: {{userForm.WorkEmail.$viewValue}}

Bank Details

Account Holder Name: {{userForm.AccountHolderName.$viewValue}}

Account Number: {{userForm.AccountNumber.$viewValue}}

Sort code: {{userForm.AccountSortCode.$viewValue}}

Service User Number:442346

Are you the only person to sign for this account:{{userForm.AccountTerms.$viewValue}}


Please confirm whether the details above are correct. If not, please go back and correct these details. If they are correct please click on confirm.


Direct debit logo

This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits.

If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit Eazy Collect Re RCTU will notify you 10 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed.

If you request Eazy Collect Re RCTU to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request.

If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by Eazy Collect Re RCTU or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society.

– If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when Eazy Collect Re RCTU asks you to.

You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also notify us.

Mobile number is not valid. Please edit on Personal, Address & Contact Details.

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Work Email address is not valid. Please edit on Personal, Address & Contact Details.