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Friday, August 21, 2015

All Change in E&C

The announcement this week of the new name for the amalgamation of CI and SI and the announcement earlier this month of the changes in LC mark another stage in HMRC transformation.

Suffice to say here that some of the changes are sensible but as we said when CI and SI merged ; there had to be savings at corporate level to ensure operational viability , sustainability and enhancement. That could not be divorced from Budget settlements and the impending Spending Review – let alone the monolithic BoF.

A more complete article on E&C changes will be available on the Membership News section of this website by 24/08/15.


Keystone – FDA attempt to represent lower grades.

We did note the similar lay out to our website which we take as a compliment. As our members you will be glad to know that it costs more to join Keystone than the RCTU and they offer a less comprehensive benefits package.

We fail to see how Keystone can understand the critical issues that face SO and HO staff in HMRC having no genuine background in HMRC unlike the RCTU.

Most importantly they do NOT have any collective bargaining rights anywhere and certainly not in HMRC. And unlike RCTU they are not solely dedicated to HMRC – we are here only for HMRC staff and to represent your interests.


IT Contracts

We noted with some interest the formation of Limited Companies solely owned by HMRC for many of the important IT contracts. This is meant to bring them back under much closer control of HMRC. It is however a very significant development. They are not in HMRC but owned by HMRC – they retain a mixture of terms and conditions and do not transfer to HMRC T&Cs. This format of operation is something to be closely watched. It needs proper oversight and discussion. If our members in these areas have any news they want to share then please get in touch.


The RCTU Journey

Membership numbers are steadily increasing as are the number of cases we are dealing with on behalf of members. We have discussed with senior management the growth and the future of the RCTU – in the continuing spirit of openness we adopted from the beginning of the RCTU – not least where we are able to contribute and what we are achieving on behalf of RCTU members. We remain an organisation that will realise complete collective bargaining on your behalf sooner rather than later and that is due to your support and those who are joining the RCTU. To further our aims we are calling on you , our members , to encourage others to join us. Please let us know if there is interest in your workplace and we will come and hold a recruitment day.


And finally …

The TUC said rail fares went up by 25% and wages 9% between 2010 and 2015

If our hardworking staff got anything approaching 9% we would be delighted! As it is we remain at the Governments whipping post who have been held responsible for austerity when we all know it was the banks that caused it. There will be a tipping point as there has been in the past and the cuts will affect the ability of UK PLC to function. That day is nearer than the government thinks and we will take no pleasure in saying we told you so! Meanwhile the train fare rises put even more pressure on our members and their standard of living.

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