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Disability Adjustments

Sunday, August 23, 2015

There was quite a sad post on Yammer recently regarding reasonable adjustments for disabilities in HMRC. The person was remarking on how there was a certain bitterness that was apparent against people who needed adjustments and how little knowledge there is about disability adjustment leave and disability related sickness absence.

RCTU recognise these issues because we deal with personal cases on a daily basis, meeting people with life-threatening illness and long-term disability who have to resort to seeking out our assistance and to fight for what should be there by rights under the Equality Act.

Disabilities are often unseen, can be acquired or life long and some are unfortunately due to workplace related stress/depression.

Everyone has the right to work and earn a living – and as a responsible employer such as HMRC needs to ensure that all of its employees have a comfortable working environment and not one that causes stress and depression. Too often HMRC will place process over humanity and decent hardworking employees are forced to resign or dismissed, as they can’t face coming back. This is counter intuitive to the stated aims of HMRC but with civil service HR stating that stress at work is a management issue and shouldn’t be referred for Occupational Health Advice then the situation can only get worse. You need to be in a trade union that will protect you and fight for your rights – RCTU is that trade union with years of representative experience and the backing of a legal team that protects the police federation and the national crime agency.


When you need protection you need RCTU – don’t delay join today.

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