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Spending Review

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

As the implications of the SR outcome have been absorbed by HMRC staff and RCTU members and allied with the “Building our Future” impacts there have been far more questions than answers.

What is clear that the new year will bring further issues for all concerned as Lines Of Business (LoB) start to announce their own timetables. Just because you are in an “urban centre” does not mean you are immune from any change. Your current work may change and change drastically – it may be a totally different job or you will be asked to travel extensively.

For those of you in the locations which have a limited lifespan – your work may move before you do.

Underpinning all this change is, to our mind, dangerous thinking about new ways of working. Digital and Tax Accounts need to be put to one side in this discussion – it is far more complex than that not least with multiple failures of the “blue horizon” planning to date.

There needs to be proper and comprehensive challenges (as that is a word the leadership is fond of using unless it is to them of course) to some of this thinking which the entire programme is predicated on. Why, there is an awful lot of taxpayer’s money committed to this and that needs far more careful scrutiny on exactly what it is being spent on and to what end. There needs to be far more understanding by senior leaders of the reality on the ground as regards fraud and evasion in the population – leaders who are close to the situation are in despair above how they will deliver the business.


The RCTU has clearly espoused these themes for quite some time now and only with you, as members, will we be able to secure the future of HMRC. It is entirely up to you. You have said in the recent staff survey, again, that senior leaders do not manage change well – do you want that to change or will you, like many of colleagues have already, face more difficult times ahead. Work should not be a cause of mental anguish.


PS: We hope you saw in the small print that another review of redundancy is underway – just in case those who think this change programme will allow them a dignified exit. The only dignity is to amend the programme to reality.


PPS: If anyone thinks equality of access, diversity and work life balance are implicit in the plans – please think again. There are no Equality Impact Assessments as it will be done piecemeal and a holistic overview will not exist until too late.

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