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Thursday, June 11, 2015

As many HMRC staff will be aware – a question was submitted to the interactive Q&A staff forum on the HMRC intranet – something we referred to in a recent news article

We, of course , sought to clarify this and below we print extracts from this with redactions to ensure personal confidentiality and provide ease of reading ( including highlighting any section ) from that clarification with Employee Relations.

Lynden Melrose
RCTU - ref Q264
HR Employee Relations

I am a senior representative of the RCTU. RCTU has been open with HMRC from the start that we intend to recruit members with a view to seeking recognition from HMRC for collective bargaining purposes. The reply to (the)   PCS Branch Chair ( who submitted the question) , does not explain that we are currently representing members in personal cases as we are allowed to by law as a listed Trade Union. Nor does the reply accurately state that HMRC , while neutral , will be kept informed as the RCTU membership grows.

 I and my senior colleagues accept the honesty of the reply but note , as discussed with HMRC , that any responsible employer should not ignore any representative body that contains a growing number of their own staff.

And the Reply


Thank you for your message. The reply to (him) accurately set out HMRC'S position of neutrality in respect of RCTU, as you observe. HMRC has consistently stated that we would consider the situation regarding recognition in the event that substantial numbers of staff joined RCTU. 

 RCTU are of course free to represent members in any personal case in line with current legislation.

HR Operations - Employee Relations

This reinforces what we have always honestly stated to HMRC staff and the growing number of RCTU members.

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