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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We were talking to a recently joined member who asked why we did not have the views of members about why they had joined on our website. There was no possible reply to this other than to invite them to write something. They have and it is printed below, without any alterations , as agreed. The individual did not wish to be identified and that has been respected. ( "I have enough stress from work without having to defend my freedom of choice to join you from some PCS reps") 

"I left the PCS because it seemed to me that the Group existed to represent just themselves, their own personal views. The effect of this was to ignore the majority of its members. Coupled with strike after strike, which achieved little or nothing made the situation seem all the more hopeless. Indeed, the long term effect of striking is more insidious that we can imagine; the employer stopped talking to the PCS and vice-versa and now we are in danger of having a 40% mandate imposed upon us.

I believe that RCTU will provide a much better and more representative Union serving the needs of its members and not just the few. I believe in its leadership, who appear to have a much sounder grasp of the issues and much more able to negotiate with the employer  on a higher level."

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