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Clarification - Facebook and Twitter

Monday, March 9, 2015
It has come to our attention that someone has set up both a Facebook and Twitter account both purporting to be RCTU. This is not the case.
RCTU do not have a Facebook page, as we believe that the membership area on this website will be a much better place to address our members directly.
RCTU do have a Twitter account that was set up some months ago, thus far there has been little activity on Twitter but as and when more members are on our Twitter we will start communicating there more often with smaller, more immediate information for members as required.
For the avoidance of doubt the bona fide Twitter of RCTU is @RCTUnion on twitter.
Any other Twitter accounts claiming to be official are insincere.
If we do in the future decide that a Facebook group is something that is required, we will announce that we have set one up on this website, and include a link for any who are interested.
We have no confirmation as to who has set these false accounts up, however the untruths on the Facebook group is quite plainly spreading falsehoods and lies to dissuade further members joining the RCTU.
People who will stop at nothing to prevent the RCTU being the Trade Union of choice for HMRC staff.
JOIN THE RCTU TODAY – make a difference for YOU by YOU.

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