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May the 1st – Worker’s and Trade Union Day

Friday, May 1, 2015

Today is a day to recall and applaud the efforts and struggle made by our  forebears to obtain employment rights. We should also spare the time to think  of those who fought for and obtained the right to vote for all. We need to  remind ourselves of the Suffragette movement and the part played by the  Trade Unions in obtaining the extension of the voting franchise to women. We  should also remember those who fought for, and sacrificed so much for,  democracy in the conflicts of the 20th century. To honour them all – we must  use this right and vote. 

With the General Election less than a week away and the debates about  taxation that have been in this campaign we can expect , whatever the result ,  that HMRC will feature prominently in the plans of the new government. This  coupled with continued issues around departmental funding and the strategic  thinking being promulgated by HMRC leaders, means challenging times are  ahead for all HMRC staff. 

In order to ensure we have a HMRC that actually functions to the highest  standards, which includes the treatment and care of the workforce, we need  an effective representative body to promote and protect HMRC as a public  service. The RCTU is here for only that reason. To protect and promote the  HMRC workers who provide that service to the UK.

We have much to do and much to change to make HMRC the type of  department that the vast majority of staff want. It is not about implementing  and “managing” the direction and outcomes that HMRC seems to be moving  to – it is rather about challenging and changing, logically and robustly where  appropriate, actions that do not lead to a HMRC that is a world class taxation  service. It is about obtaining outcomes that protect the most vital asset of  HMRC – YOU – the workers.

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