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Jobs Cuts?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

As we have been warning for some time now on this website, our old website and in interviews, the time immediately after the General Election coupled with a Spending Review and an early budget by whatever political party (or parties) would present innumerable challenges to HMRC. The main funding for the department would be allocated against plans already shaped but unchallenged by any representations from staff either through proper, truthful or open consultation exercises or from any Trade Union. Once funding is in place the task becomes immeasurably harder to, in our opinion, save HMRC.

We have said before and it remains a fact that there is no "business", economic or moral case for any further staff reductions in HMRC. Early indications that are emerging from various sources indicate that potentially one third of the current staffing level will go in the next five years.

This is even more astounding when one considers the comments of Civil Service Chief Executive John Manzoni that the Civil Service is being asked to do too much with too few resources.

Aside from this you all know that both the current state of the department and the less than fulsome explanations of the future ( BoF ) actually show an organisation that is not tackling the issues of assuring the current tax base, offering a full service to the public and is effectively a "castle made of sand". Privately even a growing number of senior managers despair at the plans emerging from a controlling class of management either oblivious to the truth or wilfully ignoring it.

Be it tax evasion, which is far more endemic than official figures suggest, or through to the backlogs in Personal Tax (phone or correspondence) there are multiple issues that require proper internal and external discussion. The RCTU primary mission is preserve/make HMRC a world class public sector tax organisation. Crass cuts in funding will not achieve that. There are systemic issues that must be tackled that range from performance management (by far the real great destroyer - is it possible to get lower than 101 out of 101 organisations in annual staff survey?? - we appear to be trying to anyway) to the internal departmental structure (too many chiefs and not enough operational staff – we have heard hard working staff put in far stronger terms than this ).

The RCTU proposes to:

  • Actively seek the views and reports from the people who matter - YOU.

  • Using that evidence challenge the employer to produce strategic plans for real consultation with YOU.

  • That if internal change is thwarted by certain vested interests then to take the unarguable case to the wider public and parliamentary sphere for YOU.

How can the RCTU do this?

  • We have the knowledge and experience from YOU.

  • We have the means and ability to serve YOU.

  • We will listen and act on the instructions from YOU

  • The time for action, not rhetoric or futile gestures, is NOW.

If you have not yet joined the RCTU - then by doing so now, YOU can make a difference.

If you have already joined, then let us know your concerns from your workplace and please tell your colleagues that there is an alternative.



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