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PCS's Political Fund

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The PCS is balloting members on their Political Fund. The RCTU does not and will not have such a fund. We do not need one. For other evidence as to why this ballot should concern those members of HMRC staff who are still in the PCS – follow the link here (it may not work from HMRC systems but it will from personal systems)


What is a Political Fund ?

To quote the current advice:


When does a union need a political fund?

A trade union needs a political fund only if it wants to use its funds for what the law defines as "political objects".


What are "political objects"?

"Political objects" cover what can broadly be described as electoral or other party political activities. They are defined as the expenditure of money. (and then there is a long list)


Our view on such things has already been noted on this site


PCS Strategy

The PCS has issued a “discussion document” to their members about what their “bargaining objectives” should be for the future. One – they are not the objectives of HMRC staff and two - it rewrites history notably around the failure of industrial action in all aspects of the last few years and lastly commits staff to more action.



Nice to see PCS saying how this is great and we need more of them. It shows an absence of workplace understanding and with what those involved with or those that have knowledge of Taskforce activity know to be the truth. It is a naïve interpretation for a political purpose that is a disservice to HMRC staff. The RCTU knows what our members really think and have the knowledge of what should and can be really done.



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