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Building Our Future 3

Thursday, September 10, 2015

So autumn has officially begun, and people are returning from summer breaks and kids returning to school. Building our future 3 is fast approaching and ExCom are worried due to the low take-up by staff - especially in E&C and B&C.

What are the reasons behind this low-take up? People don’t work in isolation from the world around us and the read the writing on the wall that says they could soon be out of a location/job/work if they're not in a regional centre?

Enforcement and compliance are discussing drop in centres to enable UK wide coverage for compliance purposes - but the blackberry/tablet roll-out has hit a wall so the prospect of working in a drop in centre seems as far away as ever. Clearly HMRC aren't ready for the changes they have telegraphed to staff in BoF 1 and 2.

There is a strong feeling of disillusionment and it's entirely possible that people are voting with their feet and not signing up for BoF3. To not attend and show disapproval in this way seems attractive - but it is not what RCTU would advocate. To not attend and take your opportunity to challenge the employer on their plans means that you lose your opportunity to voice your opinions. If you are dissatisfied with HMRCs approach to the Future then you must attend to have your say. To stay away gives HMRC a get out of jail free card - they could rightly say they consulted and staff didn’t care to participate.

So please sign up for BoF 3 and let your voice be heard - tell it like it is, good bad or indifferent - theres nothing to lose and who knows - they might just take notice.

For a greater voice in the workplace join RCTU - we need membership numbers to rise so that HMRC will recognise us for collective bargaining. There has to be a choice of representation and you can make it by joining us - go to


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