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E&C Compliance Strategy

Friday, September 18, 2015

E&C Compliance Strategy


It was with some interest the RCTU noted the publication last week of the E&C strategy. In February 2014 I (the author of this article) was the primary author of what became a 20 page opus (there is not a better word to use unfortunately) detailing and anticipating much of what has now become BoF and then the E&C strategy. The piece was to be issued as a PCS Briefing to HMRC members. It set out what was known and anticipated regarding BoF and E&C strategy and where it was thought the “vision” espoused by senior HMRC leaders could take HMRC by the early 2020’s. Unfortunately the then senior leadership of the PCS were unable to publish this until June – primarily because I wrote it and they knew that and secondly it contained points they could not comprehend not least the need to be proactive in engagement with HMRC senior leaders to protect HMRC and the hard working staff therein.


Well, it is all coming to pass – and it is all detailed a little bit more (and still in line with the briefing from 2014) in the recently published strategy. Do not expect BoF 3 to give more answers and those of you have attended recent events will now know that.


I have followed the comments on the intranet thread with interest not least new ways of working. I shall, like you, wait and watch with deep interest to see what is eventually published.


The RCTU would like to hear from members about all of this and would welcome comments via the Contact Us link.




The most interesting question and “request” from the PAC was about something the RCTU and the officers of the RCTU have repeatedly warned all and sundry about and one that most staff are fully aware of. Interesting times?


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