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Monday, September 21, 2015

E&C Compliance Strategy


The embedded file here is my draft of the Briefing referred to in the General News section. I have not changed the draft that became the final draft in May 2014 so there are references to the PCS throughout. You will note that Margi , Chas and I are mentioned – because we were there and doing the work from before SR10 through to late last year.

 Draft Compliance Paper

Frankly – the current course of HMRC is a minefield of pitfalls conducted by ( and I was surprised to see on the intranet thread comments I have being making publicly for some time ) senior leaders who are only told what others think they should hear , have a potential agenda of their own or it is really is the emperor’s new clothes !




The most interesting question and “request” from the PAC was  …. Please detail Cash Collected , Revenue Loss Protected and Future Revenue Benefit.


Yes , the claims made by HMRC that they have never been more successful are incorrect when a like for like comparison is used with data prior to the introduction of FRB across all the tax regimes and this information was pointed out by RCTU officers to senior leaders for many years but when we wanted to discuss this further and with the CEO it was always problematical that without explanation it could be assumed that HMRC was failing and the people who would suffer would be the staff not the leaders responsible for the state of affairs. Also we were prevented by the PCS as that did not suit the purposes of their leadership then and now. Confrontation would be reduced or avoided and that is not want was wanted.


Now it starts to enter the public domain. You have to ask who has been irresponsible here that this is now part of a public debate rather than being used to halt and reform the “changes” being made by the HMRC senior leadership without the data being used against HMRC staff ?



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