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CSCS Update

Monday, August 1, 2016

The attached letter was issued by the Cabinet Office.

CSCS - Next Steps

The first thing to highlight is Point 5 of the letter.

We made it clear in our submission that transition (as we have reported) and differing terms between VE and VR were major issues for RCTU members. Likewise we highlighted the cost of the process was the major saving to be made rather than effectively punishing individuals. However point 5 finishes with:


"There will be some scope to slightly amend the base structure of the proposal, but it is unlikely that these discussions would lead to comprehensive changes."


Point 6:

Basically engagement signals acceptance. This is not a surprise and one we anticipated. That is why we laboured the point on transition and we state again that precedent now exists with the VOA offer - as we have reported in a recent NEWS update.


It is deeply regrettable (politest form of words used) that the employer refuses to acknowledge their reprehensible treatment of their employees by the perceived disdain for the basic inherent rights and mechanics of collective bargaining.

As we say this, in the current climate, is not a surprise and as a progressive and responsible Trade Union – we anticipated this and acted accordingly to protect our members. We will not sacrifice our members for unwinnable and unobtainable outcomes.


You can ensure our logical and progressive approach succeeds by joining the RCTU today.

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