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How Not to Plan

Monday, August 1, 2016

Another month, and yet another damning indictment against HMRC. This is NOT saying the hard working staff of HMRC are failing. It is really saying that, again, planning (read as dogmatic, inflexible or any other similar adjective) assumptions by Senior HMRC leaders have been demonstrably proved wrong.


These are “assumptions” that we have challenged many times. The line for the current report stretches back to the “inventive” mathematics and practices that drove Enquiry Centres to their inevitable demise through to the recent, in almost indecent haste, recruitment (we will be reporting more soon about the “successes” of some recent recruitment exercises – you honestly could not make it up and as for the “new training” …..!!) of thousands more staff (after making hundreds redundant) for telephone operations that were clearly failing.


What this demonstrates, if staff actually needed another example, is that senior leaders are completely aloof from reality and their planning is based on wishful thinking allied to Machiavellian tendencies.


A member reported to us the following:


“The leaders, not that we believe they can lead , make the decisions , get the career accolades and leave or move on, leaving a destroyed and desolate waste ground behind them, never taking responsibility for this and we have the prospect of more to come. Will they ever learn that we know the truth? No, they frankly do not care about us or the department.”


Only by firm logical engagement with the employer will this change.


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