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New 1-2-1 PMR Pilot/Trial in the Valuation Office Agency (VOA)

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The most important thing to say about the pilot/trial in VOA is the absence of any performance marking - if this is adopted in full and (dare we say) implemented in HMRC in the future, it will be great news for all of our people - managers and staff alike. Bureaucracy will be drastically reduced and the controversial validation process will be replaced my in-year assessment that should address and hopefully turn around any performance issues.

Overview of the process.

Each month everyone will complete a short performance self-assessment and meet to discuss with line manager. This is the Performance Achievement Conversation (PAC). There is a standardised template that highlights  achievements, progress, difficulties and a forward look - the jobholder should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete the template. The template must reach the LM one day before the PAC takes place so the LM can review it.

The PAC will focus on performance and development, what has gone well and where the job holder can develop. The key achievements and areas of difficulty should be discussed. The meetings should last between 30 to 60 minutes. These discussions shouldnt focus on volumetrics, or KPIs; it should assess overall performance and behaviours and identify learning and development needs. Line managers should also discuss employee wellbeing and ensure support is given where needed. These meetings can also be used to review objectives if applicable, as priorities can change throughout the year.

Performance Achievement Conversations should ideally be face to face but this may not always be possible. As a guide, line managers should adopt the following principles:

  • SMART rooms and phone conversations can be used but only if they are appropriate in the situation.
  • Face to face meetings ARE  required once a quarter.
  • If the jobholder is deemed to be underachieving the meetings must be F2F.


The monthly conversations should enable managers to provide help and support when needed and to recognise good performance.

RCTU members feedback.

  • “I really like the idea of sitting down with my manager and discussing how the month has gone.”
  • “I went through my objectives and felt I had more/better control over what I do within my team. “
  • “We talked about what went well and what did not go well but what lessons I had learned from
  • this and put into place any additional training/advice/help needed to put this right.”
  • “Overall, it doesn't seem as onerous as the previous system.”
  • “One member said it was like Course Work for GCSE's you add a bit at a time for the final review at the end of the year.”


The RCTU will reserve further comment until the new process has gone through a post-implementation review. We continue to seek member feedback and report in this forum.

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