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All(?) Change Please and here are The Plans

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New CEO and Executive Chair / First Permanent Secretary


Edward Troup has been appointed as Executive Chair and First Permanent Secretary at HMRC and Jon Thompson, currently Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, as HMRC’s Chief Executive and First Permanent Secretary.


Obviously Edward is well known to RCTU members and we welcome Jon to HMRC. It is to be hoped that these two senior leaders of HMRC will take the time to really listen to frontline staff and their concerns about the HMRC strategic direction. Only vastly improved results in the annual staff survey will tell whether this is the case.


Only the RCTU wishes to proactively engage with senior leaders to ensure your voices are heard and your concerns addressed and we therefore hope for a fresh approach from these two new senior leaders.


Time will tell.


New HMRC Single Department Plan


Hopefully all members have seen:


While this plan was formulated under the leadership of departing CEO Lin Homer, Edward Troup would have been very much a major part of the plan. It is extremely high level in nature and by necessity but the devil is always in the detail.


There are THREE Objectives

  1. Maximise revenues due and bear down on avoidance and evasion
  2. Transform tax and payments for our customers
  3. Design and deliver a professional, efficient and engaged organisation

Item 1.2 will no doubt provoke interesting responses from frontline compliance staff and item 3, and in particular item 3.2, will cause concern for all staff (not just those is the many offices to close as the impact will be also felt in urban locations in “regional centre hubs” too). There is a real need to have frank and open discussions with senior leaders about the issues and impacts from these statements which are already in motion from BoF, SR 2015 and fiscal HMRC settlements.


We want your views on the Single Departmental Plan and the latest iteration of the HMRC “mission statement” – produced below for your edification and delight


We are the UK's tax, payments and customs authority, and we have a vital purpose: we collect the money that pays for the UK’s public services and help families and individuals with targeted financial support. We do this by being impartial and increasingly effective and efficient in our administration. We help the honest majority to get their tax right and make it hard for the dishonest minority to cheat the system.


Our strategic objectives, set by the government, have also been revised to align more closely with the Mission Statement and to better reflect HMRC’s transformation.

They are:

  • maximise revenues due and bear down on avoidance and evasion
  • transform tax and payments for our customers
  • design and deliver a professional, efficient and engaged organisation.



Please send your views (headed SDP) via the contact us link

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