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Monday, January 18, 2016

It was interesting to note the recent Yammer activity on this emotive subject. The activity referred to a report by John Hackston of OPP consultancy.


It can be read in full by using the link above and is briefly summarised via the link below:


There are numerous questions raised by this report of the impact on staff from the BoF strategy not least with the news in the last week of additional office space in some urban centres being acquired. Ostensibly this is to accommodate “new staff “ but the numbers and space acquired just do not match up totally and when that is viewed with the outstanding issues from the November announcements …


Basically with Decision Makers ( for Reasonable Travelling Distance outcomes ) in place in some Directorates and the statement , hidden away to some extent at the time , that further information on timescales for some moves will be communicated in 2016 , it appears that regardless when a building is due to close – moves will take place much sooner. This is a worrying aspect to BoF as there remain a vast number of unanswered questions about the efficacy of the strategy and medium to long term impact on both staff and the vital work they do.


Add that to this … and BoF gets even more toxic. As you know – we can still stop tax evasion over the phone, by letter and with a video link …..err…sorry – no we cannot.


We will ask those questions and expose the issues – you can help us do that by JOINING THE RCTU TODAY.

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