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And so it goes on...

Thursday, July 14, 2016

And so it goes on ….. and on ….. and on ….


To quote

“Meanwhile another General Secretary, Mark Serwotka a recent recruit to the Labour Party, only allowed membership after the personal intervention of John McDonnell has committed his (non-affiliated) PCS union to back Corbyn.


A statement on the PCS website from their NEC reads:

Following the EU referendum, elements of the Parliamentary Labour Party have embarked on a systematic and pre-planned attempt to unseat Jeremy Corbyn, using the result as a smokescreen. Events are unfolding daily.

It is deeply disappointing that some in the Labour party are choosing to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership instead of ensuring that the official opposition is united in protecting the interests of those depending on them to set out an alternative political vision during such an uncertain period.


....while PCS is not an affiliated union and we continue to remain independent of any political party, we believe PCS members' interests are best served by Jeremy's continued leadership and offer our support in preventing his opponents from unseating him.


The claim that "PCS is independent of any political party" is highly debatable given that it's been controlled by a cabal of the far-left (Socialist Party/SWP) over the last decade. Serwotka and his allies have at various times supported Galloway's Respect party and at the last election the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition. The PCS has used it's resources to back every far-left campaign regardless of it's own members interests.


The members themselves have not been consulted. PCS is an "activists" union where this distinction has been promoted against a "representative" organisation. 


In other words a "top down" hierarchy has been imposed in true Marxist fashion.


PCS has lost members on an unprecedented scale over the last few years and not just because of government cuts. One whole department, the Serious Organised Crime Agency split away and formed a successful independent new union.”


All we can say is …..


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