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Staff Numbers - 2021

Thursday, July 14, 2016

As promised last week the RCTU is issuing an update to members over the announcements of staff number HMRC envisages having in place in 2021 at the Regional Centres.


Members can access the report via the Membership News section using their unique password. If this has been misplaced please Contact Us


What is clear is the anger and frustration reported to the RCTU and eloquently displayed in intranet threads by staff at locations that will close as a result of the announcements. There was a lack of face to face announcements to many locations and in some; sections of staff were left with no announcement while others in the same location were briefed by senior leaders.


Frankly at this stage in a so called “staff engagement” series of announcements under the theme of “Building Our Future” this was nothing short of appalling. It shows utter disregard at worst or at best very poor organisation. Either way it was unacceptable.


What has also been reported to the RCTU was in one location staff were told the building was closing earlier than first announced ( but , and get this one – that staff in one section have yet to be told where they will be in advance of the opening of the nearest Regional Centre and also received no face to face briefing). If staff are to have any confidence in the plans that have so far been unveiled to them (and we know there is lot they have not been told) this is not the way to inspire confidence.


We will also in the Membership update comment on the further announcements being made today (14/7/16) to staff in a number of locations.


Our early and approximate only analysis shows 5000 jobs losses overlaid with massive impacts and complications for HMRC staff. Most of those job losses originate from SR15 Proposition 4. We consider this deeply flawed for many real and practical reasons.


It is very clear to the RCTU that serious engagement is required with the employer over a vast number of subjects not least BoF. This is clearly not happening at the level HMRC staff should enjoy and that can only change with more staff joining the RCTU - the only organisation for representation of HMRC staff that is focused on one thing only – HMRC staff.


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