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Pay 'deal'

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another year - another “deal”? By now staff will have seen the outcome.


This settlement covers the one-year period 1 June 2016 – 31 May 2017 for HMRC staff in delegated grades and is effective from 1st June 2016.

AAs will move to a National or London spot rate, receiving an increase ranging from 0.88% to 5.975%.

The pay range maximum will increase by 0.88% for all pay ranges (except Band T and HR Fast Streamer).

The pay award guarantees a consolidated payment of 0.88% of the 2015 pay range maximum for all eligible staff.

The pay range minimum will increase by a minimum of 0.992% for all grades (except HR Fast Stream and Civil Service Corporate Fast Stream), but will be applied immediately after the pay award.

A non-consolidated performance award to Exceeded performers.

The award will be paid in June.

In English:


AA staff move to the maximum rate. This reflects the Living Wage impact to a degree.


Increasing the Pay Range maximum is the first for many years and is a very small pay rise in consolidated pensionable pay for many members of staff in the last 10 years.


Obviously the settlement remains within the very strict guidelines of the Treasury Pay Settlement. This is 1% overall and with strictures that prevent the advocacy of many methods of accounting that could address the poor pay that now exists.


The continued “public sector pay restraint” fails to acknowledge the huge work and effort HMRC staff have done to ensure greater service and compliance to and from the UK tax base and coupled with recent National Insurance changes and inflation over the last 10 years means that staff are poorer (we will not mention that diminution of terms and conditions of service and the pension debacle – yes we will).


There needs to be a case made, and that can be done even with the current Treasury “straight jacket”, that HMRC staff deserve recognition for their contribution to the UK. That case must be made and the RCTU will do that with your help.



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