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Pensions & Special Leave

Monday, March 14, 2016



To quote the Government website:


 On 6 April 2016, the current State Pension scheme will be replaced by a clearer one. This means people will be able to know from a much younger age how much State Pension they’re likely to get. It will enable them to plan better for their retirement. Any eligible person who reaches State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016 will receive the new State Pension.


All members are encouraged to access the site:


Special Leave


From the 1st of April there are changes to the numbers of days of Special Leave that can be given to individuals in certain circumstances. Special leave is paid or unpaid leave that can be granted for a range of reasons, such as domestic emergencies or being a witness in court.

The changes follow a Civil Service Employment Policy (CSEP) review of special leave across government departments. HMRC said it also listened to your feedback asking for special leave to be extended to new areas.


While it has clarified and defined bereavement leave (an issue often coupled with care responsibilities in the past to ensure staff had special leave for such sad events) the general trend is less leave is now available. This is a further attack on associated terms and conditions of service. They do not appear to be inherent terms and conditions of your contract of employment and as such are variable by the employer. However when taken with the changes in place for those who are promoted (reduction of annual leave and sick leave which are inherent T&Cs and which you accept as part of the promotion thereby side stepping employment law) , the current “consultation on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (not tested per se as not being part of your inherent terms and conditions of service as previous attempts at judicial challenges rested on primary and secondary legislation which ultimately meant disastrous outcomes to members) and the further review , under CSEP , of “generous” sick leave “entitlements in the Civil Service plus NO PAY RISE and PAY CUTS. ….. makes you see how much you are really valued. This must stop and it can only stop with rational and firm action from a Trade Union that only serves one master – YOU.


And finally … light relief ???

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