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Friday, May 20, 2016

Now is the time to RECRUIT?

As a consequence of the Spending Review there is substantial recruitment in HMRC to enhance the service to taxpayers – notably the move to a 7 day service in Personal Tax services and of course to tackle evasion and avoidance in Enforcement & Compliance.


As one member said to us “why did they lose the staff recently in PT and now have to recruit?” Good point – they needed them elsewhere - but not in all cases. They needed them on different attendance patterns – but that could be have been foreseen (we saw it!) and could have been accomplished with proper negotiations. Planning, foresight and negotiations – saves money and personal heartache.


In E&C – well – this is not the forum to detail the new training and the myriad of implications from that let alone new ways of working and the … is successes the right word ? … there.


The changes that continue in senior leadership in HMRC are raising questions and our information is of “continued and proper scrutiny” of the evolving picture of Building our Future. The new CEO remains adamant, quite correctly, that things will improve. It is noticeable that staff continue to ask and comment (where they are allowed – safe to challenge as per the Civil Service leadership statement ? ) searching and correct questions about recent announcements notably in E&C without getting the real answers.


Ever onwards?


The RCTU maintains that the crucial period is upon us and that only with proper open dialogue will we have a 21st century Department that can and must work for the taxpayers and the UK as a whole. By doing that you will also have staff that do not feel anything other than this is a grind to nowhere.


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