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Pay - 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pay increase. Or the lack thereof!


Looking at the ONS site and at wage growth each year since 2006 to 2015 we see 26% increases in pay.

In HMRC there was a consolidated pay award in that period of 0.5%.

Unless staff had been lucky enough to be promoted in that period they saw a real pay CUT of a quarter of their take home pay (most staff).

Pensions have been slashed and the compensation scheme has been burned to the ground not once but twice. 

Inflation is on the increase again and the pay round is upon us.

Reward your staff for all of their achievements (you have told us that each year has produced record results) – it is that simple.


Oh, and reform pay progression and stop the abuse of the grading system (totally out of control for a number of reasons).


We could go on …


Internal HR Guidance


The current situation is deplorable in all parts of this and in particular how it is applied by sections of HMRC towards their staff.

We have evidence that guidance is ignored and separate instructions issued to managers out with that guidance for certain sections notably around Managing Sickness Absence – in some cases “ignore the guidance”. This undermines assurances that we are all treated the same but that individual circumstances that are allowed, even in the poor current guidance, will be acted upon but are in reality are ignored. This is particularly appalling when dealing with staff covered by the Equality Act (it has brought equality to new low denominator). It is appalling (some members used far stronger words)that in the weeks where all our computer screens promoted a better understanding of mental health that those suffering from stress due to work circumstances had to face such hypocrisy(their word but one we concur with).

As for Conduct and Discipline guidance – the changes in 2016 have proved confusing for all users and have lead in some cases to the need for interventions to put the process back on a fair and transparent level. We are concerned that what we currently have does not work for anyone involved.


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