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Target Organisational Model (T.O.M) Updates In The Valuation Office Aagency (VOA)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The RCTU understands that one of the biggest shake up's of working in 20 years is coming to the VOA. The RCTU are willing to listen to the VOA Management and are happy to engage and offer improvements to the consultations to protect VOA Employee rights and working conditions.

Target Organisational Model will be implemented in two stages. Stage One covers colleagues in Council Tax, Housing Allowances Non-Domestic Rating casework support teams, and the Customer Service Centres. Stage One will be implemented on 1 April 2018.

Stage Two will include Property Services, Statutory Valuations Team, National Specialists Unit, Chief Valuer Group with a planned implementation of April 2019.

Corporate Services will also need to be reviewed as we develop the TOM. This is because we need to review Corporate Services to take into account the impact of TOM implementation across the Agency. The review of Corporate Services is a separate piece of work bat will take place alongside Stage One and Stage Two of TOM.

The Blueprint which is the VOA's version of Building our Future (BoF) in HMRC describes what it will look and feel like to be part of the VOA in the future, in terms of how we work,where we work, the work we'll be doing and the tools and data we'll have to help us do our work. Implementing the TOM is critical to the Blueprint as it provides the or organisational framework for moving towards it. Benefits from the TOM include:


Getting teams to work in different ways and making sure we do things at the right level.


Being clear who is responsible for what - in this way, we stop duplicating activity, or doing the same task in different ways in different business streams


Developing career paths for our core professions of Government Property and Operational Delivery


Building our people and management capability in line with our People Strategy - allowing our leaders and managers to concentrate more on people leadership and team management


Focussing technical leadership and expertise in dedicated roles to maximise expertise and capability


Enabling us to live with the spending constraints between now and 2021 by providing an organisational structure where we can deliver our objectives at lower cost


Meetings across the VOA Business Streams have taken this week commencing 10th July to discuss the role out of the TOM Stage one and what it means for VOA Staff. This feeds into the Blueprint Estates and peoples project for the next few years and continues from the TOM meetings earlier in the year.

The RCTU are concerned about the lack of information on Job numbers for the new units which staff should be informed by late September 2017. 

The 2 biggest business streams Non-Domestic Rating (NDR "Business Rates") and Council Tax (CT "Council Tax Bandings/Values") are to be merged into one Unit named Property Data Unit with its own Family Tree headed by a Unit Head - Grade 6 to the levels of AO Property Researcher. With EO, HEO, SEO grades in-between. The RCTU will need to seek clarification on the EO & AO Property Researcher roles if they are in-door or outdoor roles and the EO role of Property Inspector and the issue of Home Workers in relation to reserved rights and Blueprint Office Status and other issues that need to be addressed.


Customer Service Centre the new name for National Support Offices (NSO's) have also been updated with roles from Grade 7 to AA/AO in these offices again the RCTU will seek assurances on numbers of the roles and what work these staff will be doing.


The Regional Casework Unit will be headed by Grade 6 down to EO roles for Caseworkers and Valuation Lead to Managers to Technical Leads. It is proposed the Regional Units will be cut from 8 each in both NDR and CT to 4 Combined. The RCTU will need assurances on the impact of all staff regarding H&S issues and Mental Health Wellbeing which is also applied for all staff in the VOA.

Other Areas of Corporate and People Function and Specialist areas such as District Valuer Services (
DVS) which is the specialist property arm of the VOA are to be looked at by the TOM model in Stage 2 which the RCTU will be keen at looking and engaging with the employer.

The RCTU wishes to engage in mutual dialog with the employer on the issues concerning our members and the wider staff in the VOA to forge a memorandum of understanding in regards to the TOM and Blueprint for the benefit to all of us.  


*** Remember all our efforts and energy is focused where it must be as our main priority– VOA & HMRC staff and their concerns. ***



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