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Monday, June 12, 2017




Q1.RCTU Members are all Senior Management in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

A1. RCTU Members are workers just the same as YOU in the grades AA to Grade 7.


Q2.It costs too much to join the RCTU.

A2. You will find our membership rates are LESS than other Trade Unions. Our subscription rates can be round on our website

This page shows you the FREE Membership Benefits you get with your subscription and the subscription rates - you will pay additional costs with other Trade Unions for these services. Not with the RCTU you don’t!


Q3. The RCTU have no qualified Union Reps.

A4. This is not true. We have a growing network of Union Reps who are qualified in Personal Case Work and Health & Safety. The senior officers of the RCTU have years of experience at national, regional and local negotiating levels of the Trade Union movement.


Q4. The Employers will not listen to the RCTU.

A4. The RCTU has made representations to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS) and recently been involved helping to obtain Disability Confident Scheme status in the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). The RCTU are also in dialogue with the employer regarding all matters that impact our members.


Q5. You're not a real Trade Union

A5. The RCTU is a listed Trade Union as per the law with the Certification Officer.


Q6. What about Membership Benefits?

A6. With your membership, the RCTU offers you access to fully trained representatives regarding workplace discipline, conduct and grievance matters. You also receive Legal Assistance with regards to Contractual Employment Law, Comprehensive Family Legal Expenses Insurance for on and off-duty incidents, help with Personal Injury claims, Home Emergency Assistance 24/7 – central heating breakdown, plumbing, drainage, gas/water leaks, pest infestation, lost keys, damaged locks and roofing emergencies and a £250 death grant payable to any nominee.

See also the link at Q2.


Q7. Political Affiliation.

A7. As a Trade Union in the Civil Service we are strictly politically neutral regardless of any personal views we may or may not hold. It is for this reason the RCTU has no political views when dealing with the UK Government and Devolved Administrations of the United Kingdom and that is why we are rightly not affiliated to any Political Party. We have NO Political Fund nor are we seeking ever to have one.

We are here for ONE thing only – HMRC and VOA staff.


Q8.The RCTU does not have Elections.

A8. We are legally obliged to hold Elections as per our RULES and the Trade Union laws of the UK. There were elections in 2015 and 2017. As a Trade Union representing law enforcement officers in the UK we take our legal responsibilities extremely seriously and are committed to obeying the law.


Q9. Why bother with the RCTU anyway?

A9. We have had Trade Unions in HMRC and the VOA who have let staff down on Jobs, Pay, Pensions, Terms & Conditions, Building our future (HMRC) and Blueprint (VOA). All HMRC and VOA staff deserve a credible trade union to engage with the employer on all these issues and many more and the RCTU is the ONLY Trade Union for all staff employed in HMRC and the VOA and no-one else.

We have ONE focus – HMRC and VOA staff – no other agenda is applicable.


Q10. The RCTU does not want to join the Trade Union Congress (TUC)

A10. We do but on our list of priorities, while this objective is there, we need to address the main concerns of our members first. We also know that many other Unions do not want us to succeed so in the greater scheme of things – our effort and energy is focused where it must be as our main priority– HMRC and VOA staff and their concerns.


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