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General News - June 2018

Thursday, June 21, 2018

HMRC pay award

Once again members are faced with the uncertainty of not knowing when they will get their pay award and what it might be.

While the amount may not be life changing or amount to much, in these hard times every little bit helps (I seem to have heard that somewhere before….)

Jon Thompson says the delay applies to all Departments and is due to a lack of policy direction from the Cabinet Office. We should be rightly suspicious of this statement as it comes after the Chancellors spring statement that said little and offered less. So, we are hanging on and hanging on with our usual patience and commitment to the difficult and complex jobs we do, supporting the public purse and UK citizens with our best endeavours. But our trust in the employer is not limitless – we hope that another announcement will follow quickly and will bring some assurances and perhaps some more money!!!  But as usual we will not be holding our breath.

We also note that wage rises (UK wide and not the public sector alone!) are at an annual rate of 2.9% against 2.7% annual inflation. Will HMRC reward the staff accordingly? Or another real time pay cut?

Tipped for Success – I couldn’t possibly comment!!

Yet another new twist on the nightmare that is the civil service recruitment process has been announced. Whilst we would think that the applying for promotion couldn’t get more complicated – well it just has!

Success Profiles Framework is on its way with 5 more elements to consider when you’re thinking of applying for a job. The framework elements are Ability, Technical, Behaviours, Strengths and Experience. Or STAB for short (if we forget the E). I’m feeling the pain already!

In a rare enlightened moment of clarity HMRC has admitted that the process is not seen as fair and relied on the ability to write a good competency – dead on Simon!  But will this new framework take away the subjectivity that plagues civil service recruitment, where the same competency can score a 6 in one sift and a 2 in another? And will Success Profiles go the same way? Marked subjectively by whoever is sifting? Until HMRC decides to train people involved in the recruitment processes and gives a framework for marking that has standards that can be applied in every case there will continue to be a shadow of doubt – and that’s not fair on members who are deservedly promoted and have worked their socks off to climb the grading ladder. We would like to say it’s a step in the right direction and sincerely hope it will restore faith in the system – but we shall reserve judgment until this system has bedded in. Fingers crossed!!!




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