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March 2019 News & Views

Monday, March 4, 2019

Another exciting year in HMRC has gone and another to look forward to. The last year has seen the departure of many good friends through either retirement or leaving HMRC via the wonderful transformation programme. It is also sad that we suffered the death of a serving colleague – bless you Mike – you remain in our thoughts.

What does 2019 hold for us in HMRC?

More transformation – closure of offices and the loss of experienced colleagues.

Add to that the work from EU Exit. Many colleagues are involved in this and are working very hard on the work this is generating.

A new appointments system – still delayed – still looking less than transparent. Things are emerging and reform was required – this needs to be a system with governance and fairness built in.

The new PDC system – still work in progress and reports from members so far seem to indicate a system – that is intrinsically linked to the new appointments system – that is actually more of a burden than the old PMR! OK – still work in progress but the best that can be said it the “jury is out”, rumblings exist and if you are part of the imminent survey – take part!

Compliance for the Future – has ceased and staff are working on EU Exit – absolutely the priority – but as a number of members have commented on “wasn’t that the reason BoF was going to work?” – Yes, it was and no it was not completed. Square that circle please.

Respect at Work – The release of the review is welcome as are the comments therein. We look forward to changes as certainly our and members involved in the systems reviewed have deep concerns that are reflected in the outputs. Things have to change and very soon.

In the RCTU we have dealt with, and are still in many situations, extremely complex personal cases on behalf of members. This work is paramount to us and you.

We are engaged in cooperation with the National Crime Officers Agency – the Union that represents officers in the NCA - naturally - where there are synergies on certain issues.

2019 looks like being another very busy year for us all and we wish the best of health to all our members.

If you have a topic you wish to bring to our attention – please do contact us.



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