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Margi Rathbone


Margi’s vision is to build a trade union in the purest sense, one that formulates policies utilising the professionalism and expertise of our people in every HMRC Directorate – whilst providing a framework of personal support for members needing advice and guidance at local level, growing and developing together in a modern and progressive environment. Her record of successfully representing members from AA - SCS level is exemplary. An effective and persuasive communicator, she is proud to be a founding member of RCTU.

Lynden Melrose

Senior Officer

Lynden has spent over 30 years working for trade union members and 28 of those have been in the Civil Service. His record of delivery and service to members is second to none and he has the testimonials from colleagues he has helped to prove it. A tough and tenacious adversary across the negotiating table, his ability to think outside the box works in his favour when arguing for changes that benefit the workforce. Lynden’s heart is in HMRC, his vision is to develop an organisation that values its most vital asset - the staff - one that rewards and recognises what we do to deliver for the UK by tackling tax avoidance and evasion.

Chas Hay


A man of few words but always the correct ones, Chas has a record of serving the Trade Union movement that is enviable. Of course he would say nothing to such a comment aside from the slight raising of an eyebrow and possibly the comment that envy is not a word he understands. His experience and knowledge is vast and has on so many occasions served members to save their jobs by using clear and precise analysis to solve problems – usually before they have even been formulated as such by the employer. 

This is the core team of the RCTU ably supported by colleagues who share the aspirations to make the RCTU work only for the staff of HMRC. There will be more additions to this page in the very near future.