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The RCTU is committed to providing a comprehensive service to members both in the workplace and in their home life.

In the workplace:

We will:

  • Negotiate on the issues that matter to you as determined by you

  • Engage with the employer on your behalf in a positive manner seeking resolutions using logic and intelligence

  • Not be afraid to be robust where required

  • Represent you on personal issues

  • Report to you regularly and seek direct consultation from you on your concerns and priorities

  • Be answerable to you and you alone


“The RCTU provided complete support to me in the most harrowing period of my career when I was being bullied . Their skill, experience and hard work in my case proved invaluable in helping me through a very hard time for me personally and my family” – M

“The RCTU understood my complex situation and the relevant HMRC guidance and employment/equality law . Their work not only helped me but has highlighted issues in HMRC guidance” - T

For your personal life:

We have included a Membership Benefits package of two insurance covers and a welfare based service that may even save you money as these covers can cost considerably more if purchased on the high street. All these covers extend to your Spouse/Co-Habiting Partner and apply at their work or in your/ their personal life.

These are included FREE in your Union Subscriptions

The average cost of this package from a High St vendor would be well into £100s or cost £70 or more from other organisations and cover less than the FREE RCTU benefits. Our subscriptions are less than other organisations because we keep our costs low to provide you with a service that you require and deserve.


From those who have used this Insurance Membership Benefits Package

“Storms, during the early hours, ripped a number of tiles from my roof leaving a substantial hole, after making about 20 calls to local roofers/builders, with no joy, I remembered Emergency Assistance. The Staff were extremely friendly and helpful and arranged for a roofer to attend that day who completed temporary repairs which sealed the roof and prevented further damage. Thank you very much for supplying this important helpline.” - M

“I had water flooding in from a pipe that had burst under the kitchen sink. The service was excellent, from the initial Saturday morning early phone call right through to the finished repair, all in under four hours - spot on!” – P

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything over the last few months. I definitely wouldn’t be here without your help. Thanks for all of the time you have taken to sort things out and for being so understanding along the way. I'm really happy with the service i've recieved, and it's all thanks to you." - M



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